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..providing support and friendship to those suffering from Postnatal Depression.

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  • "PND can strike at any time, regardless of the birth experience, and can be the result of other upheavels in life"

  • "The mum needs to feel able to share her feelings with people she can trust and who will understand, not judge her."

  • " feels painful beyond belief to you. It feels overwhelming. There will be life, however beyond PND."

  • "We need to share our stories-both good and bad-in order to learn from others' experiences. We need a realistic view of motherhood."

Order your own copy of 'Recovering from Post-Natal Depression'.

Written by Bernie Kealy and Madge Fogarty, chairperson of PND Ireland, this book describes the most common situations where a mother develops PND, the main symptoms, what it is like to live with PND (for both sufferers and their families), and it offers insightful steps that are proven and effective to help bring about recovery.

Cork Mini Marathon
The Evening Echo Women's Mini Marathon is the biggest event of its kind in Munster. It has grown from its beginnings in 1980 with only 300 participants to over 10,000 participants in 2014. This event will take place on Sunday, September 27 2015 at 1pm. If you're intersted intaking part on behalf of PND Ireland, please Text 086 8527762.
Welcome to our website
Previously known as the Post Natal Distress Support Group, Post Natal Depression Ireland was founded in Cork, Ireland in 1992, it's aim to provide support, help and friendship to those suffering from Post Natal Depression. 20 years on, we are the only support group that provides a completely free service to sufferers of PND in Ireland.
Coffee Mornings
The next Coffee Morning will be held next Tuesday 8th Sep in Starbucks in mahon Point Cork at 11am to 12. 30 . Come and join us for coffee and a chat bring the baby or if you just want time out on your own thats ok too. Getting out of the house really helps. Text 086 8527762
PND Support Meetings
Our next support meeting will be held on Tuesday 29th of September at 8pm in Parentcraft room of Cork Maternity Hospital. Bring your partner or a friend, so important to share with Mums that understand and realise that you not on your own. Text 086 8527762
North Kerry PND Support Group
The next meeting of the North Kerry PND Support Group will take place on Wednesday 2nd of September at 8pm in Listowel FRC. Mothers who would like more information can contact 086-7872107.

We would be delighted to hear your comments on this site and on your experience of PND. You can sign the guestbook here. You can also take part in our discussion forums where you can share your experiences with other sufferers, past and present.

We hope you find comfort in this site and look forward to hearing from you.

PND Ireland


We are a non profit organisation, partly funded by the HSE, however we need funds to continue our work in helping Mums recover from PND. We strive to keep this valuable service running and every donation is appreciated. We thank you for you kindness and so do the Mums who use our services every day.